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About Me: Philip Guitar

I was born and raised on a ranch in Abilene, Texas. My dad had me in the saddle riding and working cattle with him by the age of seven. I kept wondering why I couldn't be home watching cartoons instead of waking up at five in the morning. However I am grateful he took me with him.

My favorite memories are spent with both sets of grandparents. Christmas time in Hamlin, around a fireplace with family was unforgettable. Riding to check wheat fields with my grandfather and eating my grandmother's exceptional home cooking was out of this world.

Back in Abilene, riding with my grandfather in the middle of the night to an oil rig to see if the well came in was adrenaline pumping excitement for a young child. Spending Saturday nights listening to Lawrence Welk records and playing poker with my grandparents, I don't think it will ever get any better than that (at least  it hasn't so far).

I am deeply connected with my mother, who is an opera producer and and compassionate creative soul.

I went to Texas Tech and graduated from Hardin Simmons University. I have a back ground in the oil, ranching, and gaming business, which gives me a unique, authentic voice for storytelling.


Some of my favorite films are, No Country for Old Men, Hell or High Water, There Will Be Blood, The Wrestler, and The Death of Dick Long.

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