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WATER WARS tells the story of the clash between West Texas ranchers, farmers, and billionaires in a high-stakes legal war over water rights that goes all the way to the Texas Supreme Court.


Nestled in the 'Valley of Hidden Waters' within the West Texas desert, Dell City thrives as a remote oasis. But, turmoil strikes as El Paso offers lucrative water deals to neighboring landowners. Dell City's close-knit community faces division due to new water board rules, alleged to be influenced by billionaires, locking them out of these opportunities. Dell City's ranchers embark on a legal battle against the influential water board, ultimately reaching the Texas Supreme Court. WATER WARS narrates this small-town strife with statewide implications, prompting contemplation on the equitable sharing of life's most precious resource: water.


WATER WARS wins Grand Jury Prize - Best Texas Feature at the Dallas International Film Festival


"Winning the Grand Jury Prize for BEST TEXAS FEATURE at our world premiere at DIFF is a true honor. DIFF is a top-shelf festival with jury members I respect, so it really means a lot to all of us. I do wish that Laura Lynch could be here to enjoy this moment with us, too," said Mario Mattei, director of WATER WARS.

Jurors for the Texas Feature Competition included Thaddeus D. Matula, Sara Madsen Miller and Kerri Navarro.

"WATER WARS is a testament to the power of documentary filmmaking, showcasing the complexity of a seemingly straightforward issue and revealing the human stories behind the headlines. Through masterful cinematography and even-handed storytelling, WATER WARS invites viewers to explore the intricacies of a legal battle that will have far-reaching consequences for the people of Texas," said

Thaddeus D. Matula: Emmy and Peabody Award-winner, 2x director of ESPN's 30 FOR 30, Double Life Films.

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